The Best Baby Shower Gifts For a Modern Baby Shower

The Best Baby Shower Gifts For a Modern Baby Shower

Jullian Cardinale

When planning for a baby shower gift, you're no longer limited to just picking out something that looks beautiful or matches the couple's style. When you shop for baby products, you're thinking about how you can reduce new parent stress, create family memories, and even encourage a baby to grow in a healthy way. The stakes are unquestionably higher now. This, of course, can make navigating through the entire procedure a little more difficult.

But don't worry, we've cracked the code on how to give the perfect baby shower present. In addition, Perfect Little Bundles, with its intrepid team of parenting experts, is continually evaluating the latest and best baby gift hampers and sharing their favourite finds with you. You might want to gift something unique so, there is a slew of fun and functional gifts that you can choose from that the mommy and daddy to be would love! From baskets for girl to unisex gift hampers, we have got baby shower gifts that are both helpful and unique. There's something for every family and every budget here! So, let's explore a few options:

#1 Savanna Babies Luxe Hamper

Savanna Babies Luxe Hamper

A cute jungle themed gift hamper, the Savaana babies luxe hamper is an excellent choice for a baby shower gift as it not only looks appealing, but it has a lot of goodies that the baby can enjoy. As you can see in the picture above, this gift hamper comes in a grey and white theme which is rare to find in kids' collections. Going a little offbeat from the regular colourful gifts, this gift hamper will give a more sober charm. Let’s see what all comes in the gift hamper:

  • Purebaby Organic Longsleeve Bodysuit (pack of 2)
  • Living Textiles Savanna Bibs (pack of 2)
  • Living Textiles Savanna Swaddles (pack of 2)
  • Living Textiles Eli the Elephant Security Blanket
  • Living Textiles Austin the Lion Rattle
  • Emotion and Kid Safari Socks 3 Pack

The newborn can enjoy his time snuggling inside these goodies! So, if winters are approaching then this can be the best gift hamper to choose.

#2 Cute Little Pumpkin Gift Hamper

Cute Little Pumpkin Gift Hamper

As the name suggests, a cute little pumpkin gift hamper is a unisex gift hamper that can be gifted during a baby shower or the welcome party of the baby. All the goodies in it are going to be of use for the baby. Let’s see what all comes in this hamper:

  • Purebaby Singlet Bodysuit, which is made using 100% Organic Cotton (designed in Australia). It provides a high level of comfort and warmth to the baby.
  • Purebaby Bib (designed in Australia) is made from 100% soft cotton. It comes with a terry towelling back and velcro fastening.
  • Emotion & Kids Safari Muslin Wrap and Pram Clip Set.
  • Jellycat Bunny is the world's best selling plush toy. It is extremely soft and made using premium quality material. The baby would love playing with it as he or she grows.

#3 Aussie Summer Fun Premium Hamper

Aussie Summer Fun Premium Hamper

In the above two options, we explored all options we have for the winter seasons. Now, let's look at the Aussie summer fun premium hamper. As you can see in the image, this hamper is designed for summer! It comes with a lot of cute goodies and toys which will be loved by both the baby and his or her parents. Let’s have a look at what all this hamper has to offer:

  • Super soft Purebaby eucalyptus and koala bodysuit
  • Purebaby eucalyptus stripe short-leg summer grow suit
  • Purebaby natural goats hairbrush, amazingly soft, perfect for a sensitive newborn babies head
  • Natural wooden Koala teether
  • Fuzzy wuzzy Llama that will keep any newborn baby feeling cosy and happy for hours
  • Purebaby grey stripe and spot bodysuit 2 pack
  • Thank You natural baby body wash, for supporting your baby's skin in a gentle way, while they support communities in need

With so many amazing things, this can be an ideal choice if you are looking forward to gift a cute summer gift hamper to the new parents!

#4 Bundle of Joy Bumbly Bear Luxe Hamper

Bundle of Joy Bumbly Bear Luxe Hamper

The bundle of joy bubbly bear luxe hamper is exactly what it sounds like, its goodies are going to bring joy and smiles to the faces of the new parents. Packed with a wide range of goodies and accessories, this is an ideal gifting option if you are looking forward to adding some spark to the celebrations. The parents would love to use all the items. This hamper comes with sets of premium quality organic baby clothing and bibs by Purebaby, ES Kids Crochet Blanket and a medium-size Jellycat Bumbly Bear with which the baby would love to play!

To further add some joy to the special moment. it comes with a sparkling wine piccolo for the parents to enjoy!