Make a Baby Shower More Special with Luxe Baby Nappy Cakes

Make a Baby Shower More Special with Luxe Baby Nappy Cakes

Jullian Cardinale
A baby shower is a very big and memorable celebration for the couple who are waiting for their child to get born. Before a child is born, the parents start making preparations any start collecting things that will be needed by the newborn. So, as a loved one of the family, you can make their job easier by gifting them a baby nappy cake during the baby shower. This is not only an out-of-the-box gifting idea but all the items in the Luxe Baby Nappy Cakes can be used when the baby is born. Let’s have a look at some reasons why you must consider gifting a nappy hamper during a baby shower:

Puppy & Bubbles Ultimate Nappy Cake

#1 It looks good and is presentable

Since a nappy cake hamper has so many things in it related to newborn babies, it turns out to be really cute. Be it the guests or the to-be parents, everyone is going to love this gift. Your gift will surely stand out among all the presents. And since it looks so good, you would love to click a lot of pictures with it and the to-be parents!

Nappy cakes that have been carefully assembled will not only look fantastic but will also stand out among the other baby shower gifts on the table. It is a present that not only draws attention to itself but also contributes to the overall ambience of the baby shower.

#2 It doesn't cost a fortune

The creation of a nappy cake does not require a significant amount of money despite its impressive appearance. You can get one based on your budget. Nappy cakes come in several sizes, so you can get one based on all the things you want to add to it and the overall size.

Nappy cakes

#3 They have a lot of useful items

They are useful for new parents in many ways. A lot of parents get presents, some of which they might hardly ever use. Your present, however, will most likely be put to good use because a nappy cake will typically contain around 30 nappies. Additionally, considering the high cost of diapers for new parents, this is unquestionably a gift that is both useful and thoughtful.

Types Of Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes can be purchased for either boys or girls, or they can be designed with gender-neutral themes, making them ideal for baby showers at which the baby's gender won't be known until after everyone has gathered.

  1. Nappy Cakes for Boys

    If the soon-to-be mother is aware that she will be giving birth to a son, then it may make sense to design the nappy cake in the traditional colours of blue and green, with construction tools, dinosaurs, cowboys, or other similar types of decorations.

    Nappy Cakes for Boys

  2. Nappy Cakes for Girls

    When a little princess is on the way, you might want to think about getting a nappy cake decorated with pinks and purples, butterflies, polka dots, and other similarly styled embellishments.

    Nappy Cakes for Girls

  3. Gender-Neutral Nappy Cakes

    If the gender of the baby is to be a surprise, or if you prefer to keep the colours neutral, then it would be just delightful to surprise the expectant mother with a nappy cake featuring soft shades of yellow and green, or polka dots and stripes. You can even buy cakes in the shape of holidays or sports teams, catering more to the interests of the parents than the child receiving the cake.

    Gender-Neutral Nappy Cakes

Wrapping Up

By now, one thing can be said with great assurance: a nappy cake is one of the best and most loved gifting options for a baby shower. It will not only look good but it will carry a lot of useful items in it which can be used when the baby is born. If you are looking forward to buying some cute nappy cakes in your budget, then do check out our nappy cakes collection!