baby growth spurts

Your guide to baby growth spurts

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Growing is a pretty big part of being a baby, and though every child grows differently, they all experience the supercharged periods of growth that we call growth spurts. Whether your little one sails or struggles through their baby growth spurts, you’re likely to notice some differences in behaviour and sleep as well as size. Understanding growth spurts and knowing what to look for can help to ease the strain of caring for a restless, clingy, tired and hungry baby.

Here’s a quick guide to baby growth spurts: when they happen, how long they last, and what they usually look like.

What happens during growth spurts?

The description isn’t complicated: the name says it all. Growth! But when it comes to babies, they’re growing in head size, length and overall weight, so rapid weight gain, head circumference growth and height increases are key indicators of baby growth spurts.

Babies often also reach a new developmental milestone or master new skills during and after growth spurts, such as rolling over, smiling or grasping objects.

Signs of baby growth spurts

baby growth spurts

Not every baby will show obvious signs of growing, but hunger is a key indicator. Many mums describe feeds taking longer – or needing more formula – than usual to satisfy bub’s appetite.

Another sign is rapid jumps in weight. Sometimes, a baby can jump to a higher percentile in a matter of weeks, or outgrow a jumpsuit just as quickly.

Some more difficult to manage symptoms are changes in sleep and behaviour. Paediatric research shows that babies going through growth spurts may need more or less sleep than usual, and can become clingy, fussy and unsettled.

When do they happen?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all chart of development, some experts believe most babies go through growth spurts at or near the following ages:

  • Two weeks
  • Three weeks
  • Six weeks
  • Three months
  • Six months

How long do growth spurts last?

Every baby’s pattern of growth is different, but parents and paediatricians believe they can last anywhere from 1-2 days to one week.

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