What to Buy For a Friend Who is Having a Baby?

What to Buy For a Friend Who is Having a Baby?

Fiona Cassell

When a friend is having a baby, it's a time of joy and celebration. As a thoughtful friend, you want to give a gift that not only delights but also helps the new parents in their journey. The key to choosing the best gifts for expecting friends lies in understanding the essentials that make up a baby's first year. In this detailed guide, we will explore a variety of thoughtful, practical, and charming gift ideas that cater to the needs of both the baby and the parents.

Essential Items for Newborns

One of the most practical baby gifts for new moms is clothing. However, it's important to consider comfort, fabric, and size. Soft, hypoallergenic fabrics are ideal for a baby's sensitive skin. Opt for clothing in slightly larger sizes so that the baby can grow into them, extending their usability. Seasonal clothing is also important; lightweight fabrics for summer and warm, cozy layers for winter.

Feeding Supplies

For parents who opt for bottle feeding, a set of high-quality baby bottles, a sterilizer, and a formula dispenser are essential. These items ensure that feeding is not only safe but also convenient. A variety of bottle types can be included to cater to different stages of the baby’s growth.

Breastfeeding Support Items:

For breastfeeding mothers, new mom gift ideas like nursing pillows, breast pumps, and nipple creams can be invaluable. A nursing pillow provides support during feedings, while a good breast pump allows for convenient milk storage. Nipple creams help soothe and protect sensitive skin, making breastfeeding more comfortable.

Nursery Necessities

A crib and mattress are central to a baby's nursery. Safety and comfort are the top priorities. The mattress should be firm, fitting snugly in the crib to avoid any gaps. A convertible crib that grows with the child can be a thoughtful, long-lasting gift.

Health and Safety Products

A high-quality baby monitor is a great gift for peace of mind. Monitors range from basic audio models to advanced ones with video, temperature sensors, and even motion detection. This allows parents to keep a close watch on their baby, ensuring safety and security.

Educational and Developmental Toys

Toys play a crucial role in a baby’s development. Look for toys that stimulate sensory experiences, cognitive skills, and motor abilities. Soft toys, musical toys, and textured play mats are excellent choices for newborns and infants. 

Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

Personalized gifts add a special touch. Items like custom-made blankets, engraved photo frames, or personalized storybooks create lasting memories. These new parent baby gift Melbourne often become keepsakes treasured for years.

Gift Hampers

A custom gift hamper allows you to combine several smaller items into one spectacular gift. Fill it with a mix of practical items like diapers and wipes, and fun items like plush toys and bath sets. You can also include something for the parents, like gourmet snacks or a spa voucher, making it a comprehensive gift that caters to the whole family.

Here are some ideas for expecting friends best gifts Melbourne that you can consider:

#1 Sweet Little Thing Premium Baby Hamper Grey

Sweet Little Thing Premium Baby Hamper Grey

The Sweet Little Thing Premium Baby Hamper Grey from Perfect Little Bundles is an ideal choice for those seeking a thoughtful, all-in-one gift for new parents. This best-selling hamper, perfect for baby showers or celebrating a new arrival, features a soft ES Kids Giraffe Comforter, a cozy Purebaby Zip Growsuit, two organic Purebaby Singlets, and two cotton Purebaby Bibs, all designed in Australia. Additionally, it includes a breathable Cotton Crochet Blanket and a large, fine-weave Emotion and Kids Muslin Wrap, making it a comprehensive and practical gift choice for any newborn, available exclusively at Perfect Little Bundles with Australia-wide delivery.

#2 Bath Time Fun Savanna Baby Hamper

Bath Time Fun Savanna Baby Hamper

The Bath Time Fun Savanna Hamper from Perfect Little Bundles is a delightful and practical choice for a baby shower gift or to welcome a newborn. This unique hamper, exclusive to Perfect Little Bundles, turns bath time into an enjoyable and soothing experience. It includes a luxurious, lightweight hooded towel from Living Textiles, designed in Australia, made from 100% cotton with adorable "baby" embroidery, perfect for cozy post-bath snuggles. This Bath Time Fun Hamper combines luxury with practicality, making it an excellent choice for new parents.


Selecting a gift for a friend’s baby is an opportunity to show your care and support during this significant life event. Whether it’s a practical item like clothing and feeding supplies or something more personalized, the best gifts are those that consider the needs and preferences of both the baby and the parents. With the ideas outlined in this guide, you are well-equipped to choose a gift that will be cherished and appreciated.