The Benefits Of Using And Wearing Organic Cotton?

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We all wear cotton clothes thinking that it will help in benefiting our skin by providing comfort and the right amount of ventilation. But sometimes, it doesn't turn out to be as expected and the overall feel gets disappointing. Have you ever thought about why this happens? Because of the rise in demand for cotton, many manufacturers produce and sell cotton items and clothes that have impurities or any other material mixed in them. This becomes a major problem as you may not be able to get the feel of using and wearing pure cotton. 

It’s very important to check from your manufacturer if they are supplying pure and organic-based garments or not. There are an end number of benefits of using and wearing organic cotton. Let’s have a look at a few of them in this article.

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What Is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton refers to the practice of growing cotton crops without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. Cotton trees are not sprayed or treated with any chemicals when they are grown using this method of farming. They only use organic farming methods that have been approved by the government. Organic cotton is grown organically in subtropical countries such as India, Turkey, China, and parts of the United States from non-genetically modified plants. Its production will help to conserve and enhance biodiversity and biological cycles. It also helps in maintaining the fertility of the soil.

1. It Is Environmentally Friendly

The method of farming makes organic cotton both environmentally friendly and productive. Organic cotton production emits less carbon dioxide than conventional cotton production because of lower fuel and energy consumption. Because it is produced without the use of chemicals, it does not pollute the environment or pollute water supplies. In addition, the health of the workforce is not jeopardized. Finally, the use of excessive fertilizers and pesticides has the potential to cause irreversible damage to the ecosystem. And it can also harm the skin of people who wear such cotton. So, it is very important while buying a cloth that you check out if the cotton used in it is organically produced or not.

2. Safety Requirements

Organic clothing products are safer to wear because the manufacturing standards for organic clothing are extremely rigid and stringent. Non-stop efforts are being made not only to reduce negative environmental impact but also to increase customer value by adhering to extremely high ethical standards such as those set by Fairtrade Cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative, FLO International, and other global movements that advocate for organic cotton. These norms ensure that the brands who sell clothes claiming that their clothes are made using organic cotton truly abide by their words.

3. Reduced Manufacturing Costs

It is less expensive to produce because it does not only eliminate the use of hazardous and toxic chemicals, but it also grows only natural cotton seeds rather than processed cotton seeds. BT (or genetically modified seeds) are more expensive to purchase and require chemicals to make nonorganic cotton resistant to pests and diseases, as is well known. Because there is no chemicals present, there is no need for storage facilities, which raises the cost of farming. And this is very beneficial for consumers as well because the overall cost of the cloth or cotton item gets reduced making it an affordable option to consider.

4. Keep Allergies And Skin Conditions To A Minimum

The absence of chemical retentions in organic cotton clothing means that individuals with allergies or specific chemical sensitivity will reap significant benefits from the use of organic cotton as a fabric. It also feels better on your skin, even if you do not have allergies or chemical sensitivities. Furthermore, the majority of people who wear organic cotton clothing swear that it smells better than other types of cotton clothing. The overall feel of wearing a cloth enhances if you wear a fabric made using organic cotton.

5. Escape From Unnecessary Medical Expenses

Due to the reduced exposure to allergens and other dermatological issues that result from purchasing organically manufactured clothing, you can feel more comfortable in your clothing and worry less about health and medical concerns as a result. You will save money on medications and, in the worst-case scenario, on costly hospitalization or surgical treatment for skin problems.

When you wear organic cotton clothing, you are also assisting farmers in saving money. The fact that farmworkers are no longer exposed to potentially harmful pesticides and chemicals means that they are healthier and will not have to worry about medical issues and bills in the future. Well, you can save yourself and the poor farmers from unnecessary medical expenses at the same time by simply choosing to wear clothes that are made using organic cotton. Isn’t this amazing!

6. Improvements In Emotional And Mental Well-Being

Except for allergic reactions to the cotton or skin problems, both cotton farmers and cotton buyers can benefit from improved emotional and mental health. Sounds strange? Well, the stress brought on by the skin problems mentioned above, as well as the possibility of debt as a result of medical or hospital expenses, can cause undue mental and emotional strain. And the consequences can be fatal. It’s a wise decision to avoid such situations in totality.

7. Prevents The Emergence Of Long-Term Threats Or Even Fatalities

Farmer and worker injuries, permanent bodily damage, and even death have been reported in cases of improperly handled chemicals and fertilizers, which have occurred primarily in impoverished and developing countries. Cotton grown organically is not subject to these dangers.

8. Assists Everyone In Their Efforts To Become Responsible Citizens

The purchase of organic cotton clothing assists the consumer in developing into a responsible citizen, one who is fully aware of everyone's responsibility to contribute to the preservation of a sustainable environment. Sustainable organic cotton clothing will serve as a constant reminder to everyone that going natural is both healthier and more cost-effective in the long run. You can spread this message and fulfill your responsibility as a responsible citizen simply by promoting the use of organic cotton in your surroundings.

Wrapping Up

We all must join our hands together to promote organic cotton and avoid the use of cotton that is produced by using unethical methods and harmful chemical-based fertilizers. By doing so, we can not only benefit our skin but we can contribute to the environment as well. We can easily avoid unnecessary skin problems and help the farmers from getting affected as well by simply wearing organic cotton.