Supporting loved ones during a sweltering summer pregnancy

Supporting loved ones during a sweltering summer pregnancy

Jullian Cardinale

Everyone thinks of summer babies and the joy and excitement they can bring to Christmas and the new year. But what about the mothers who are tired, swollen and sweaty during the hottest months of the year? If surviving 34 degree days wasn’t already hard enough, try carrying a small human inside you while walking on swollen feet!

Yep, enduring a summer pregnancy can is hard. But there are ways to make it easier. Here’s how to help your pregnant loved ones get through it.

Bring the fun to them so they can stay local

Travelling is tiring work, even moreso when you’re heavily pregnant. Whether it’s because of nausea, back pain or the need to pee frequently, pregnancy can make riding in cars and getting around town to meet up an ordeal. Add to that the heat, the busy holiday period roads, and – a special 2020 addition – the risk of contracting Coronavirus, and the cons of going out far outweigh the pros.

Support your pregnant loved ones by bringing the fun to them so they can stay comfortable at home. Choose a cafe near their house for your coffee date, swap a trip to the beach for a day by someone’s pool, or organise a lunch with the girls’ at their place. They’ll appreciate the convenience!

Get them some cool and comfy pyjamas

They probably don’t fit into their favourite summer PJs right now, but with hot summer nights on the horizon, they’ll certainly need a pair of cool and super comfortable maternity pyjamas. 

Summer pyjamas are the perfect solution. Look for cotton, silk and linen to ensure they’ll keep the wearer nice and cool during their summer pregnancy.

Make them nice mocktails

Being pregnant shouldn’t mean your pal is stuck drinking tap water. They can still enjoy some festive tipples during a summer pregnancy with a little creativity!

Indulge your creative side by throwing together some fancy and refreshing mocktails. Stock the fridge with sparkling fruit juices like Appletiser and lemon or lime wedges or for them to enjoy a special something when the champagne comes out.

So, keep an eye out for refreshing mocktail recipes, delicious cordials and genius alcohol substitutions to share with your pregnant friend. If you’re going to their place, surprise them by bringing the ingredients to make one. And if in doubt, just bring a bottle of sparkling water.


You can’t change the weather, but with these tips, you can make summer pregnancy a little easier to deal with for your mum-to-be friends!

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