Newborn Baby Gifts – Ideal for Any Special Occasion

Newborn Baby Gifts – Ideal for Any Special Occasion

Jullian Cardinale

When the baby is born, it becomes a joyous occasion for all the family members and relatives. Although, to congratulate the parents or show them your happiness on the baby's arrival, gifting something is always a good idea. But what to give always remains a question for all.

Buying gifts for infants is not everyone’s cup of tea. One can easily get confused as there are a variety of gifts available in the market. It is also difficult for those who do not have any gifting experience in this field. You may like to give something that is appreciated and cherished by the baby's parents.

Not to worry, we have a list of the baby gift hampers that are just perfect. No matter what your style and budget, there are excellent options available for you to go through.    

  1. Cute as a Button Baby Gift Hamper

Don’t you think that baby girls are as cute as a button? Everyone thinks so. If you want to gift something to a baby girl, nothing can match this fantastic gift hamper.

Cute as a Button Baby Gift Hamper

The Cute as a Button Baby Gift Hamper contains:

  • Beautiful pure baby single bodysuits x2
  • Alimrose Bunny bib
  • Jelly cat bunny

The bodysuit provides comfort and warmth to the baby. It is perfect for a newborn of 000 sizes. The bunny bib is made from 100% cotton, and Jelly cat fluffy is ideal for their snuggles.

Cute as a Button baby gift hampers are presented with a white magnetic closing lid box, swing tag having a perfect message, and hampers tied with beautiful satin ribbon to give an ideal gifting look and impression of you to new parents.

  1. Jemima Puddle-Duck Baby Girl Gift Hamper

This gift hamper is themed from the story named Jemima Puddle-Duck. The gift hamper contains:

  • Purebaby Zip Grow Suit: 100% cotton, perfect for everyday wear
  • Singlet bodysuits
  • Organic Bib
  • Organic Singlet
  • Bunny Bib
  • My first Flopsy Plush Toy
  • Cotton Crochet Blanket: extra soft material giving comfort to the baby
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit Book
  • Freixenet Italian Rose sparkling Wine 200ml: It is perfect for the parents to celebrate the special moment.


Jemima Puddle-Duck Baby Girl Gift Hamper

Jemima Puddle-Duck Baby Gift Hamper is the timeless classic gift hamper, an ideal present for the baby shower and a newborn baby.

  1. Sweet Little Things Premium Hamper

A newborn baby always wants comfort and love. So, one should give those essentials a new parent would love. Sweet Little Things Premium Hamper is perfect as it contains many ideal presents for the baby and can be given as a welcoming gift for the newborn baby.

Sweet Little Things Premium Hamper

This is the unique baby gift hamper exclusive to perfect little bundles and includes:

  • ES Kids Giraffe comforter super soft toy
  • Purebaby Singlets (2 packs)
  • Purebaby Zip Growsuit (100% cotton)
  • Purebaby bibs (2 packs)
  • Terry toweling ES Kids Crochet Blanket
  • Emotion and Kids Muslin Wrap

It is a signature magnet closing lid gift box tied with a beautiful satin ribbon and personalized message.

  1. Bundle of Joy Luxe Hamper

When the baby comes, they bring bundles of joy with them. but adding a real bundle of joy as a gift would be like ice on the cake. Bundles of Joy Luxe Hamper provides all the essentials that a baby needs. The hamper includes:

  • Purebaby Zip Growsuits (2 pack)
  • Purebaby Singlet Bodysuits (2 pack)
  • Purebaby Organic Singlet (2 pack)
  • Purebaby 100% Cotton Bibs (2 pack)
  • ES Kids Crochet Blanket
  • Sparkling House Wine Picollo
  • Medium Jellycat Bashful Bunny


Bundle of Joy Luxe Hamper

This is a lovely and thoughtful gift for the baby as well as the parents. Celebrate the moment with the wine in the hamper with new parents.

  1. Snuggle Baby Bundles

If you are looking for a gift that includes the items the baby can wear, play, and snuggle with, then Snuggle Baby Bundles is perfect. The hamper features:

  • Purebaby Zip Growsuit
  • Alimrose Stripe Cotton Essentials Bib
  • Living Textiles Muslin and Rattle set
  • Board Book

 5.Snuggle Baby Bundles

The price of the snuggle Baby Bundles is $99.95. It is a delightful baby gift bundle packed with all the essential items that can be used on a regular basis.  

  1. Savanna Baby Hamper


Savanna Baby Hamper

Savanna baby luxe hamper
is beautiful magic hamper as it is packed full of goodies any baby can adore. It contains something the baby can wear, snuggle, or play with. The hamper contains:


  • Organic long sleeve bodysuit (2 pack)
  • Living textile Bib (2 bags)
  • Living Swaddles (2 pack)
  • Living textile Eli, the elephant security blanket
  • Living textile Austin, the Lion Rattle
  • Kid safari socks (3 pack)

In conclusion, here are some ideas for newborn baby gifts that you may offer to a newborn baby or to newly becoming parents during a baby shower. Keep in mind that the gesture is always more important than the gift.