How to survive the first few months with twins

How to survive the first few months with twins

Jullian Cardinale

Preparing for a baby is daunting enough – add a second into the equation and it’s enough to freak out even the calmest mum-to-be. Constantly running through your mind are all the things you need to buy, do and learn, and whether or not anything you know so far applies when there are TWO babies instead of one.

Well, we still don’t know of any manual for parents-to-be, but we can offer some practical tips for surviving the first few months with twins. From clothing to sleeping (both for mums and their double bubs), here are some pointers from parents who have been there before.

Clothing. Lots of clothing.

It goes without saying that babies grow quickly, and spit up on and poo all over any clothing they wear constantly. Needless to say, your tiny twins will be producing a lot of dirty laundry.

Your time – and sanity – is precious! We recommend you have a large supply of clothes in several grow-into sizes on-hand to avoid needing to put a load of washing on every day, or go shopping every time they go up a size. Aim for cheap and cheerful (but still soft and safe) baby clothing shops – it’s simply not practical to spend hundreds of dollars every few weeks on clothing.

On that note, most people who have had babies are constantly handing-down the items their bub has outgrown. If you know anyone who has had a baby recently, it’s likely they’ll have some hand-me-downs from their own baby’s first six months.

Premake some meals

If you have time and energy in the lead up to your babies’ arrival, cook some meals and put them in the freezer for later. Needless to say, you’ll have a lot less time and energy for cooking once they’re in your arms – especially when you’re breastfeeding. You’ll thank yourself for spending a few hours on a nutritious, home-cooked meal while you have the chance later.

Prioritise sleep for yourself as well as the twins

Sleep when the baby is sleeping’ isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have washing, cooking, tidying and organising to get done, too! But remember, you’re likely to be waking up throughout the night to feed two babies for a while, and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Prioritise sleep for yourself whenever you can. Maybe that means asking a friend or family member to come and listen to the babies while you take a much needed nap, maybe that means leaving the washing up undone for the afternoon.

Buy nappies and wipes in bulk

It’s no surprise that you’ll be using a lot of nappies and wipes. Buying in bulk will save you money and hopefully some dreaded trips to the grocery store with two newborns strapped to your chest!

Remember, it’s always ok to ask for help. And if anyone offers to come over and help – whether it’s to watch the babies so you can sleep, or cook you dinner or clean your kitchen – say YES. Everyone needs help sometimes, and you, twin mum, deserve it!

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