“Boy or girl?” Five old wives’ tales for predicting baby gender that aren’t as good as an ultrasound.

“Boy or girl?” Five old wives’ tales for predicting baby gender that aren’t as good as an ultrasound.

Jullian Cardinale

We’ve all heard old wives’ tales – there’s one about everything from making silly faces in the wind to eating crusts to get curly hair. And when it comes to predicting baby gender, there are dozens to go around. We’re realists here at Perfect Little Bundles, so if you’re expecting and want an accurate answer to the “Boy or girl?” question, we recommend an ultrasound.

But we also love a bit of fun. Pregnant women hear these tales all the time from enthusiastic friends, colleagues and strangers as soon as their bump starts showing, so we think a bit of fun is very important!

Here are five ‘boy or girl predictor’ old wives’ tales that simply aren’t as good as an ultrasound.

‘Boy or girl?’ predictor old wives tales

1. Carrying high vs.carrying low during pregnancy

For centuries, we’ve been wondering why some pregnant bellies are bigger than others, and why the bump can sit so differently from woman to woman. According to science, the strength of your abdominal muscles has a lot to do with how big and high your baby bump is.

But according to this old wives’ tale, carrying high means you’re having a girl, and carrying low is one of the signs you are pregnant with a boy.

2.The linea nigra

The linea nigra is a brown-looking straight line, usually tracking straight down from your belly button to the middle of your pubic area, which often appears during pregnancy. It can also extend above the belly button, and usually disappears within a few months of birth. Science attributes the linea nigra to the hormonal changes that pregnancy brings, including one change that causes hyperpigmentation.

This old wives’ tale has a different take. If the linea nigra appears only below the belly button, you’re having a girl, but if it runs above the belly button too, you’re having a boy

3. Baby heartbeat boy or girl prediction

According to this old wives’ tale, the baby’s heart rate can be an indicator of the baby’s sex. You’ll need to enter the baby’s heart rate into an online baby BPM tool to get an answer for this one.

4. The ring test

This is one of the most well-known old wives’ tales for baby sex prediction. There are a few steps here:
– Thread a strand of your hair through a ring. (Use a piece of string if you don’t have long enough hair!)
– Dangle the ring over your belly and hold as still as possible. When it starts moving, notice which way it moves – circularly or from side to side

According to the ring test, if the ring swings side-to-side, you’re having a boy, or in circles, a girl.

5. Sweet vs. savoury cravings during pregnancy

This old wives’ tale suggests that if you’re craving sweet foods, you’re having a girl, and craving savoury foods is a sign you’re having a boy.

These old wives’ tales are a fun way to speculate about the sex of your baby, and can add to the excitement of awaiting the arrival of your new family member. But remember – the only way to get a definitive answer is an ultrasound!

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