Baby's 1st Christmas Nappy Cake

Baby's 1st Christmas Nappy Cake

Jullian Cardinale


As Christmas is nearby, all new mommies and daddies are excited to get a beautiful Christmas nappy cake for their little munchkin. Delight your baby with a gorgeous Christmas nappy cake this year!

Nappy Cakes are becoming very popular these days. And that's why are here with the step-by-by instructions on how to create your 1st Christmas nappy cake.

So let’s dive in!

What Are Baby Nappy Cakes?                                  

Nappy cakes are made up of useful stuff for the newborn baby. It mainly consists of things like diapers, napkins, baby powder, baby hair oil, wrapped around a cylinder, and decorated in the form of a cake. It makes a wonderful gift at the baby shower or as a first birthday party gift or Christmas gift.

What Goes Inside A Nappy Cake?

One can be very creative while making a nappy cake. Many things can be included in it like booties, muslin squares, hats, bibs, baby clothes, scratch mittens, lotions, rattles, embellishments, and matching ribbons and bows to finish.

How To Make Baby’s Nappy Cakes?                        

Baby unisex nappy cakes are a wonderful gift that can be gifted to new parents. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to make a great nappy cake:

  1. You’ll need in all  27 rode nappies.
  2. Use the first 17 rode nappies and roll each of them in the form of a small cylinder, and tie it with a separate coloured rubber band.
  3. Once you’ve rolled each nappy, take an empty sweetie tin and put a large rubber band around it to hold the nappies.
  4. Put all the rolled nappies on the edge of a tin holding the rubber band. Make sure to clean your hands before making a nappy cake. And keep it in a clean place.
  5. Wrap a designed pink ribbon around the nappies to hide the plastic rubber band.
  6. Next, take a rolled-up baby blanket, and using the technique mentioned in step 2, roll the remaining 10 rolled nappies. It will make the top tier of your cake.
  7. Now, let’s fill the bottom layer of your cake. Start filling the bottom layer of the cake with any instructions for future reference.
  8. Then, add a pack of Johnson’s baby wipes in a horizontal manner at the base,

three 300 millilitres bottles of johnson’s products will make the front of your Nappy cake.

  1. Take a pack of cotton wool, squeeze all of the air out of it and mould it at the back of the cake leaving a hole in the middle of the cake.
  2. Finish constructing your nappy cake, take the top layer, flip it upside down and let the rolled nappies rest on the top of the bottles.
  3. In the end, wrap the cake in cellophane to keep it clean during the transport and add a cute toy and milk bottle to complete the decoration.

Types Of Nappy Cakes :

Let’s have a look at the various types of nappy cakes that you can consider. You can get them customised as per your requirements. So, let’s have a look:

Baby Boys Nappy Cakes

Baby Boy nappy Cake

The procedure mentioned in the above section can be implemented to make the baby boy nappy cakes. You can simply decorate it with baby boy accessories like boy shoes, clothes, and toys.

Baby Girl Nappy Cakes

Baby Girl Nappy Cake

The techniques mentioned in the above section can be used to make a nappy cake for girls as well. You can decorate the nappy cake using cute accessories like baby hair bands and bows, butterfly clips, baby girl shoes, clothes and much more.                           

Twin Baby Nappy Cakes

Twin Baby Nappy Cake

Twin baby nappy cakes can be created by adding pairs of baby accessories following the same technique mentioned in the above section. For example, pairs of teddy bears, twin blankets,  twin baby robes, and so on.                          

Summing Up

This Christmas you can gift young parents around you a beautiful nappy cake. They would not only love it, but all the things in the nappy cake are going to be very useful to their baby. Nappy cakes have come into the trend for a reason! This is the most useful gift that you can give to a new parent!