The 3 things you’ll need to know for your first night out WITH baby.

The 3 things you’ll need to know for your first night out WITH baby.

Pre baby we all spent our time ringing in the new year in style. Dancing the night away and staying out till the early hours of the new day. Let’s face it, once baby comes along those values change – fast. But having a new baby doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate 2020, or even a night out WITH baby. We have a few tips to make entertaining and celebrating with a new baby a little easier.


Yes, as a parent this is something that we do on autopilot. Plan the feeding times, sleep schedule and outings. When you’re heading out, for a night out, this rule is number one to make sure your night goes off without a hitch. Go through everything your little one will need, whether it’s their favourite soft toy, snack or packing multiple dummies. Find out if there will be a special place to lie your baby down or plan ahead and pack a sleep option for them.


Nappies and wipes are a staple in every baby bag, but don’t forget to pack multiple outfits. We would all love to think that the cute outfit picked for this occasion will be the only one baby will need for the night ahead, we all know that’s just not the case. No matter the reason you will need to have extra clothes for whatever happens on your outing. You control the temperature in your home, the place your visiting will be different so be sure you have clothing options as well as blankets to keep the little one warm. Remember to pack medicine, even if they seem happy now, we all know how their temperament can change with a new tooth coming through.


Depending on the age of your baby, remember to take something they can play with. You might be heading out to a place that has older kids or no kids at all and when you only have your jingling car keys you can run out of options quickly to keep them entertained.

Basically, a night out with baby will ultimately be all about preparation!

As long as you have a fully stocked nappy bag, toys and have their naps and feedings organised you really can enjoy a night out with your newborn.

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